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Sm250 Sliding-Parking System

Sm250 Sliding-Parking System

Sm250 is a mobile partition wall consisting of Suspended sliding panels. Floor guiding is not generally necessary and the system is suitable for both Interior and Exterior use.
Partition panels can be individually manouvered by hand into a conveniently sited stacking arrangement to open up the entire width of the opening.  The stacking arrangement can be situated either to allow panels to be stacked out of sight or to stack panels in an area where there is no hindrance to access. The first panel is an openable door after which all other panels will slide and stack into the parking area.
The system uses 12mm thick tempered glass mounted into top and bottom extruded aluminium profiles.All profiles are normally available in natural anodized aluminium finish.  Maximum panel size of 1400mm x 4000mm is possible with the system with no limit on the number of sliding panels.


Top Bottom Rail Profile


Top Bottom Rail profile end Cap


Top Track Profile


Trolley assembly